What is Chilblains?

Chilblains is a skin condition caused by cold weather and poor protection of skin. Commonly found on feet and hands, but also on ears and noses. Chilblains is also known as Perniosis, or Pernio.

Suffering from Chilblains?

Read below to gain a better understanding and how to treat and prevent further discomfort.

  • Causes

    If skin is exposed to cold weather for extended periods, it can develop Chilblains on the surface. Chilblains occur when blood vessels quickly adjust to weather conditions. In cold conditions, blood vessels closest to the skin narrow, while in hot temperatures, they expand. Rapid shifts in temperature can result in blood seepage into the surrounding tissue, causing swelling and itchiness.

  • Symptoms

    Chilblains frequently occur a few hours following exposure to cold, harsh weather conditions. Individuals may experience a burning sensation on the skin's surface, which can develop into itching, inflammation, and discomfort. Transitioning from cold to warm temperatures often exacerbates the pain. Failure to treat the skin can result in cracking or breaking, leading to the formation of blisters.

  • Risks

    Addressing chilblains promptly is crucial to prevent painful blisters and potential infections. Seek medical attention if you notice pus formation or feel unwell. Skin infections associated with chilblains can cause a rise in body temperature and swollen glands. If you have a fever of 38°C or higher or notice swollen glands, consult a healthcare professional.

  • Treating

    Less exposure to cold harsh weather conditions will often see chilblains disappear on their own after a week or two. To reduce the pain and irritation of the surrounding skin it is recommend to use skin moisturisers with witch hazel and calamine included.

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  • Preventing

    While protecting your skin and moisturizing it, try to limit exposure to cold conditions. It is important to note that chilblains are often associated with poor circulation, so understanding & managing your blood flow would be a beneficial precautionary measure.

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  • Hands

    One of the primary locations where chilblains frequently develop is on the hands. To prevent the reoccurrence of chilblains, it is advisable to use gloves and apply hand cream regularly.

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  • Feet

    Alleviate foot problems, including chilblains and cracked skin, by employing a specialised foot cream that moisturises the skin and enhances blood flow.

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  • Face

    Choose gentle formulas for delicate facial skin to alleviate chilblains. Redness is common on the face. Use essential calamine products in your skincare routine to reduce redness and relieve itchy skin.

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